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Welcome to Verera Products Limited

Verera Products Limited specializes in providing personalized financial solutions, outsourcing and training to both corporate and individual clients. We deliver financial products and services, consultancy, outsourcing and training tailored to your needs in relation to;

Specialized training programs (over 25 courses)

Financial Model Build

Recruitment & Outsourcing

Account Clean up, Budget Assistance and Reconciliation services

Our wealth of experience in Accounting, Tax and Financial Analysis gives us a broader perspective of your requirements thereby enabling us to deliver precise value added solutions. We can easily identify areas of inefficiency in your employees’ routine tasks in order to deliver customised training courses that significantly boost their efficiency and job performance. Also our FREE on-the-job pre course testing ensures that your staffs are scheduled for the precise training course that adds the most value per naira spent. We also offer FREE support services after our courses to ensure that participants fully utilise their newly acquired skills.

It is our mission to help you ‘Turn your Data into Information’ which is critical to your organization’s overall strategy. Our experience has shown that most organizations do not support their Strategy with a constantly updated (Live) Business and Financial Model; this we believe is due to a massive skills gap, the over reliance on subjective statements as a proxy for strategic imperatives and the lack of appreciation/ability to effectively utilize readily available spreadsheet tools to support the financial planning process.


Our training style at Verera Products Limited is unique, tested and trusted; each session is fully engaging and practical, our trainers are chartered accountants, financial analysts and tax experts with first class practical experience in each topic area.

Our FREE online support services both before and after the training ensures that participants fully implement the skills learnt.

Our training is fully interactive with almost 100% of the time devoted to solving case studies and examples brought in by participants; this ensures that participants play a full part in the learning process. This makes training enjoyable, stimulating and effective for all participants.

Pre Course Needs Analysis

We deliver “Needs Focused” Training through our unique pre training requests program enjoyed by clients and participants. Also, on request, we can carry out a detailed pre course “Needs Analysis” for employees of your organisation. This is done through the compilation of answers to a customised on-the-job questionnaire/test/quiz/survey. A full report per employee is delivered to our clients. Carrying out this unique needs analysis procedure ensures that training is effectively matched to your staff immediate needs.

Training Delivery (as appropriate)

Pre-course reading & quizzes taken by each participant online

Case-studies (based on live data used by each participant)


Soft copies of all training files, PDF training materials, Free Add-ons, information and instructions

Post Training Assessment (where required)

Post Course Support (as appropriate)

Online Post-course evaluation and feedback per participant

Free access to Articles Archive on our website

Free email and phone support for two weeks after a training course

Follow up courses, on request

Each Participant receives a customised CD-ROM containing all the exercises and solutions, training manuals and bonus material. This will serve as valuable review materials for participants long after the course. We are confident that these tried and tested training techniques will ensure instant returns on our clients training investment and a highly motivated work force.